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Since 1999, Beard Papa’s has been baking the world’s best cream puffs. We began in Japan and have expanded to over 400 stores in 15 countries and territories! We are committed to bring you a pastry that is super oishii! (delicious!).

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Interested in operating a Beard Papa’s franchise? Join us as we spread our baked treats even further worldwide. With affordable entry, easy on-board support, and a unique brand, we are looking to accelerate our growth in new markets!

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Beard Papa

Our original custard combined with warm blend of fall spices and pumpkin puree to make our popular seasonal treat (with no tricks here).

Combining classic vanilla ice cream with our original cream fit perfectly together for summer vacation.

This crunchy puff shell is layered with caramel. It is tempting, we know.

Our éclair shells are comprised of the original choux pastry topped with rich chocolate, which creates a delightful taste when paired with our cream fillings.

Blended with OREO® cookie pieces and our vanilla cream, makes this creamy dynamite mix irresistible.

Covered with our Premium Japanese green tea to give an earthy finish.

This light and airy éclair adds color and sweetness to the shell with a scrumptious strawberry topping.

Our original recipe shell & custard, discovered in Osaka, Japan and is now available around the world.

Year Round Green Tea

Our original custard blended with Premium Japanese green tea.

This wintry flavor packed with spearmint is adding cheer to your holiday season.

The combination of sugary and savory is smooth in texture and delicious in taste.

Warm and moist chocolate cake with a core of rich, creamy chocolate filling. Chocolate lovers rejoice!


Made from only the best cream cheese, then cut into a thin stick slice and layered on a delicious slice pie crust. This popular delight is one of our lighter mouth watering treats.


Bright, juicy and refreshing flavor to feel the essence of spring.

This bittersweet combination is blended together with NESCAFE® coffee, cream and ice for an awakening summer drink.

Toasted flavor with a slightly sweet finish will give a calming taste that is popular at any time of the day.

Cookies & Cream

Our original custard blended with Premium Japanese green tea.

A rich smooth vanilla custard base with a crunchy caramelized crust on top.

A mixture of fresh strawberry puree and our original custard cream to make for a fruitful flavor.

A rich chocolate custard cream made from a perfect blend of high quality European chocolates.

Our unique Crunchy Almond brings to mind a twist of a Spanish churro and an American donut. Crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside, our Crunchy Almond is all natural, baked, and not fried.

Pumpkin Cream